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Where it all started


3 | 15 Fitness & Nutrition started with a need to fulfill a sustainable fitness and nutrition program without fad diets and basic workout programs. Everyone's body reacts to different programs and there is no one program that will work with everyone. With our knowledge in both endurance sports and muscle building, we can help tailor a program for you that is sustainable and long lasting.

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Where are we headed


We will be the leader in helping our clients gain a sustainable and healthy lifestyle by implementing custom nutrition and fitness programs.

Ashley Hernandez


Ashley started her fitness journey in 2017 with running and racing in triathlon. She’s raced in several sprint triathlons, two Half-Ironman races, and toed the line at Ironman Ireland in 2019. In 2020, she decided to start bodybuilding but still trained for long distance endurance sports as well. In 2021, she shifted her focus to competing in the NPC Bikini division and focus on body building more. Ashley is a hybrid athlete, a certified personal trainer (Elite Trainer Certification,) certified in nutrition, online coaching, and a certified transformation specialist, all through the International Sports Science Association.

Preston Hernandez


Preston began his fitness journey in high school where he was a varsity runner and pole vaulter. After high school Preston was a collegiate cheerleader for Bowling Green State University. After serving in the US Marine Corps, the focus switched to endurance sports, primarily Ironman Triathlon. He competed in multiple full and half distance Ironman races. Preston is a certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist and bodybuilding specialist through International Sports Sciences Association. He is currently on the path to compete in the Men's Physique division in NPC bodybuilding.


3 | 15 Fitness + Nutrition is a leader in personalized fitness and nutrition coaching.

Reaching your goals is our #1 focus.

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